Welcome to Original Crypto. This site is run and maintained by Jason Deane, a passionate cryptocurrency evangelist, investor, trader and speaker.

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Opinions – we’ve all got one haven’t we? These are mine and I often back them with money. I spend a good deal of time researching anything I write about and I’m very open about what I’m investing in or avoiding. I am a Gold level investor on Etoro, but also hold many coins directly through exchanges and wallets.

The Use Case for Cryptos

Investing is great, but the potential to change the world with the projects that are being developed far outweighs even the most life changing inventions we’ve come up with yet. We are truly lucky to be alive at such at exciting time in human development.


One of the newest and fastest growing investment areas in the cryptocurrency sphere, but what the heck are they and can anyone do it? You can find out here.


Can anyone mine? Is it still profitable? What do you need to get started? I’ve been mining on a significant scale for well over a year and times, they are definitely a changin’

Training for your Organisation

Perhaps you’re looking to run a workshop, entertain some basic training or simply need a speaker at an event to introduce crytpocurrency and promote it’s use case to your employees. Having attended, run or spoken at hundreds of events, seminars and workshops over the last 25 years, I have the experience and credibility to provide your organisation with the information it needs to embrace this new and exciting technology.

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