So I bought an Antminer S9 …

It was inevitable I suppose.

Having been mining cryptos for some time now it had become a bit like a drug addict searching for the next – bigger – high. From the moment I first started with my first little Nvidia 750’s and saw those figures dance across the screen, pulling in a fraction of a fraction of the then almost unknown Monero, I was addicted. I still have that operation, running 16 of those cards, as well as ‘Big Blue’ the 12 card 1080ti rig, but I’d always wanted an Antmimer S9 to mine the big boy directly – Mr Bitcoin.

The trouble is I find myself struggling with the ‘green’ element of the mining process. All that power – and it is quite a lot – being used when it could be saved or used in hospitals or schools (I like to use these examples in particular to torture myself). Am I doing the world a disservice? Am I putting money and greed before my children’s future? Am I now one of the ‘bad’ guys? It was a series of questions that, genuinely, held me back for a while. Well, that and ‘where will I put it?’ and ‘what about the heat?’ and ‘will it actually make any money?’

Questions one and two of the latter batch I was quite sure I could overcome somehow, but question three I had already proved by using calculators and the answer was quite clearly ‘no’. There was no way round it, buying the Bitcoin directly rather that using the money to buy the kit and pay for the power always works out better at the current prices. Power in the UK is expensive, at around 15p a Kwh, plus taxes and levies, and the numbers just don’t add up. And I’m melting the polar ice caps to boot. Just so I can say I have an expensive, noisy, hot machine in my office that costs me money to run.

It seemed my dream of owning my very own Antimer was going to remain just that – a dream. That was until I came across a little startup whilst doing some research for an article.

This company, Cyberian Mine, seemed to be able to do it all. Based in Germany, but operating out of Irkutsk, they offered something that whilst not being completely unique, seemed to have been done very well. It was a simple site, and offered me an Antminer S9 installed, secured and maintained for a reasonable price which I actually owned. I could even have sent to me if I liked. It would sit in a naturally cooled environment and be powered entirely by renewable energy. Renewable energy that was very VERY cheap. Suddenly, not only did the maths work,  but my conscience sat up and took notice. Hell, it nearly fell of it’s chair.

I made a few enquiries and was able to have a few emails back and forth with the CEO, a likable and approachable chap by the name of  Max (Maxim) Matreniski. I asked a bunch of questions that have now found their way to being part of the FAQ section of the website and, once I was satisfied that this was a properly funded and genuine operation with genuine people, I pressed the ‘buy it now’ button on the website at I was in.

See that Antminer S9? That’s mine, that is.

The process was nice and easy, although Max’s preferred route of payment through invoicing proved too complex and expensive for my bank (I can hear the murmurs of ‘that’s why we need Bitcoin’ even as I type) so Paypal and debit card it was, with a favourable exchange rate provided by my bank. Well, favourable for them anyway.

Within just a few minutes, I’d had en email with a link to my dashboard contained therein. A dashboard! How exciting! And not only that, my little Antminer had already started mining for me and by the time I’d logged in again a little later a few dollars had already collected in it’s little digital hopper. The first transfer to my wallet occurred within 48 hours and the process was entirely automated. The dashboard gives me the current difficulty levels, my live and 24 hour hash rate in numbers and graph form and whole host of other information that a geek like me can happily read through and play with. I love it.

To cap it all, I received some photos of my new investment, direct from Max. I even forgave him for spelling my name wrong.

Meet Eddie, my 13TH/s S9.

I’m sad that I’ll probably never get to meet ‘Eddie’ (as I have named him for reasons I am entirely uncertain of), but it’s nice to know he’s safe and well and working away quite happily in a distant part of the world,  being part of what I consider to be a very important network and bringing me a little income whilst not doing any harm to the planet whatsover. Is there a better way to keep both my hippy side and commercial persona happy at the same time? I think not.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress with Eddie and Cyberian Mine with updates from time to time. If you’d like to find out more, I’d highly recommend you give them a look at

I have not been paid or provided with any other incentives for writing this article.

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