If you’ve found this site useful, then even the smallest donation in pretty much any cryptocurrency would be gratefully received. This is commonly known as ‘tipping’ in the crypto world and will probably become more and more common as it gets easier and easier to send small amounts to anyone at anytime.

If you’re new to cryptos, you can also use your donation as your very first transaction to test how it’s done. Simply select an amount you’d like to send, copy and paste the address for the currency you’re using below, and hit send! You’ll be able to track the transaction as it goes through from your wallet and, if you let me know via the contact page what you’ve done, I’ll let you it’s all OK (or otherwise) from my end. Equally, if you’re totally unsure about how to do this, email me first with the name of your wallet (eg Blockchain, Exodus, Electrum etc) and I’ll send you the instructions on how to do it.

Please DO NOT send me (or anyone else) seeds, keys or passwords, as this will allow access to your funds.

The addresses are as follows:

Bitcoin                                          1Mx3NMDBcuzAHe5fRJQueHAJqFkXKbHzJs

Litecoin                                        LZ29MXRS2KCHnsTRYqS3PBU7p36ZnvHZCk

Bitcoin Gold                                GTfZ4ftNJiz19Uuu89Niwt9PyquqkmB7cQ

Ethereum                                    0x0Bd92F9f52E88e8Fd45674E212548F53dB595022

You can also use the Ethereum address shown above for all the currencies listed below, as they are built on the Ethereum platform.

Ox, Aragon, Basic Attention Token, Civic, FunFair, Golem, OmiseGo, Power Ledger, Salt, Satus, Storj and Tron.

Thank you!