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If you’re looking to bring some crytpocurrency expertise into your organisation, I am ideally suited to create the perfect introduction to your colleagues. Whether it’s a large scale presentation to a large group in a formal environment, or a more intimate workshop style session, my informal, approachable style has been well received over many years by many organisations. A typical presentation is designed to introduce the concept, explain why the global impact is expected to be so large and what the organisation can do – at this stage – to prepare/adopt/grow with the technological developments as they unfold.

This is very much a business or application approach, rather than a technical breakdown of how cryptography and blockchains work, since that is the part that most of us will be concerned with going forward. The analogy I often use is comparing it to driving a car: to be successful at it, we need someone to show us how all the driving mechanisms work, steering wheel, gears, pedals etc, but we don’t need to know (unless we want to) what the timing order is on the pistons, or what the gap on the spark plugs should be. Using cryptocurrency is the same for most us; we need to know how to buy it, transfer it, spend it and how it will affect our organisation, but we don’t necessarily need to understand the complex mechanism that sits behind it.

Ratecard and terms

Since each organisation’s requirements differ, I use a ‘consultancy model’ approach to charge for my services, thus keeping it simple. Whether you would prefer a group discussion, workshop or large scale presentation, the rate will always stay the same.

My current fixed hourly rate is £65 (this fee does not attract VAT) which includes travel time to your premises. There’s a minimum chargeable fee of 4 hours and a day cap of 9 hours. I will also accept payment of the equivalent fiat value in Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) or Ripple (XRP)

This works well for most requirements, but very complex or longer engagements may attract different fees.

Please get in touch using the contact form with a summary of your needs and preferred dates and I will respond to you personally.

My Biography

I graduated from Aston University, England, in 1993 with a business degree which specialized in law (contract, commercial and company) before working for the next seven years in corporate giants Cable & Wireless and Microsoft. Here, I ran projects that included EDI (a pre internet supply chain connectivity system) and marketing projects to encourage the mass adoption of the internet. I was also responsible for Microsoft’s corporate sponsorship programme in the UK between 1996 and 2000, including Euro 96.

After heading out on my own in 2000, I started and sold a number of businesses including a chain of internet cafes and gamezones. I only recently (April 2018) divested my last interest in the Reading (Berkshire) branch, now officially the UK’s longest running internet cafe and games centre, to focus on my crytocurrency operation. QM2, a small consortium of like minded individuals, which invests in and runs masternodes, owns a mining operation, and has plans for further expansion in the crypto currency sphere in the winter of 2018/19. I also hold an extensive cryptocurrency portfolio personally. My Linked-in profile is available to view here.

I am no stranger to public speaking having a fulfilled multiple roles such as Master of Ceremonies (MC), auctioneer for high end charity galas, Voice-of-God engagements, compere and main speaker for everything from small private events to very large corporate events over more than twenty years. I have also organised and run workshops and break out sessions that now number in the many hundreds.

I am utterly passionate about the role cryptocurrency will have in our society in the future and the changes it can bring about globally. My passion and experience at all levels of presentation and discussion affords me a unique position to provide your organisation with the foundation you need to both embrace the future and capitalise on it.

I look forward to working with you.