MONEY: Yours, mine or ours?

My first book – MONEY: Yours, mine or ours? – is a completely practical end to end process for couples and families looking to control their budgets, manage a debt problem or simply find financial balance in their spend. Based on years of my own direct experience of helping couples (and individuals) in all sorts of different financial situations, it even comes with pre-programmed spreadsheets that are designed to be used whilst going through each chapter. Once set up, these spreadsheets only need a few minutes of input a week to keep your entire home financial system entirely up to date, in perfect control and, most importantly, stress and argument free!

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The links, downloads and resources that you need for this book are shown below, simply click on the item you need. You can download the spreadsheets as many times as you need to when setting up your system and unlimited access to them is included in the book price.

The Kindle version is available from Amazon, priced at £5.99

The Paperbook version is available from the following stores, the RRP is £8.99, although different stores can set their own prices:

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“MONEY: Yours, mine or Ours” is also available on your local version of Amazon in the USA, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands*, Canada, Japan and Australia.

*please note the paperback version is not available in the Netherlands

Finally, I’d love to hear your story or any feedback – good, bad or ugly – so if you could spare a few minutes, please get in touch here and let me know.



Click here to download the spreadsheets that come with the book:


The larger, detailed spreadsheet examples never reproduce well in small print form, so I have included clearer versions here to make it easier to see. Simply click on the thumbnail to get a full sized version. You are welcome to print these if you wish.

Page 37 - Jim and Alison Master Account Planner (MAP) Page 37 – Jim and Alison’s Master Account Planner (MAP) example.

Page 45 - Jim and Alison Income Tracker Page 45 – Jim and Alison’s Income Tracker example.

Page 70 - Jim and Alison Master Account Planner complete Page 70 – Jim and Alison’s Master Account Planner (MAP) Completed.

Page 77 - Showing the true overspend figure on the First Month Spreadsheet Page 77 – Showing true overspend figure on the First Month spreadsheet.

Page 98 - Jim and Alison updated Master Account Planner (MAP) Page 98 – Jim and Alison’s updated Master Account Planner (MAP)

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If you have kids between 6 and 18, I highly recommend ‘Go Henry’ to manage their pocket money. They get a proper debit card that is controlled by you, pocket money is paid by direct debt and balances can be amended/added to at any time. For a limited period, you will get £10 added to your account if you use the link below to set up your new account!
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To download the open source (Free) versions of Microsoft Office, use the links below:

libre office   opne office

For learning about spreadsheets, if you need to, I recommend the ‘Dummies’ series. Simply select the one for the version you’re using.

excel 2010   excel 2013   dummies 2016

There are many very good (and not so good!) books that deal with relationships, but there’s only one classic in my view. If you haven’t read it, you should:

men are from mars

Understanding financial principles and building wealth are best explained in these two absolute ‘must reads.’ They will change the way you think about money and wealth generation for good.

rich dad poor dad   babylon

In terms of dealing with the fear of taking the action you need to or thinking out of the box, there’s two absolute classics I’d recommend:

fear   motb

This is the film that is mentioned in the book, dealing with second chances in terms of money vs family:


Finally, for help on tax and debt advice, use these links:

HMRC tax help – general information for people on PAYE

If you’re looking for a debt solution, then I always recommend Payplan since they charge no fees AT ALL unlike most other companies.

For general advice on money, employment issues and so on, try the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Finally, to report an error, or get in touch with the author, please click here