Investing in Masternodes? Read this!

Masternode coins, of which are there are some 360 now, are notoriously risky. You have to be part crazy, really smart or really stupid (depending on your point of view), prone to a bit of luck and particularly thick skinned to even think about getting involved here. This is a festering, animated swamp of creative genius, scam artists, dodgy characters, devout believers and innocent investors in a dangerous, unregulated mess. It’s daunting, easy to get caught out or taken for a ride, and notoriously hard to make money. BUT, if you can pick one winner, it can make up for dozens of losses. That, I guess, is the lure.

This is the story of our early endeavours into this market, the mistakes we made and the noticeable difference in thinking between generations that, in the end, shaped our strategy. My hope, in making public my embarrassing initial failures, is that it may help others who dare to walk the same path.

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