STILL the best introduction to Bitcoin there is …

I must have watched literally hundreds of videos online about Bitcoin and other currencies over the last couple of years. Some are by well meaning amateurs from their bedrooms, some are just slick marketing spiel and some are downright misleading at best, or actually untrue at worst. It’s a right old minefield out there and it’s likely to get worse before it gets any better.

However, there are a few that are I would regard as excellent. If they were an album, they’d be called ‘The Essential Crypto Selection’. And out of all of those, this one is probably the best. You’ll need a good 25 minutes for the main part, the last section is really a Q&A session, but well worth taking the time out to have a look.

It’s also surprisingly old, 2016, which is an ice age in cryptocurrency terms, but the explanation of its use case is as valid today as it was when Satoshi Nakamoto started the whole thing off all those years ago.

And as for the presenter,¬†Andreas Antonopoulos, well, he’s someone who’s work we should all get to know. He’s got a proper geek pedigree background, but after he discovered and fell in love with Bitcoin in around 2012, he changed his direction in sole pursuit of learning about and ultimately promoting Bitcoin and the blockchain. He’s a very smart chap with an intensely addictive presentation style who now tours the world speaking to some of the most senior people there are about the tsunami that’s coming. It’s not technical, but it’s a very smart presentation and I can’t recommend it enough.